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Binge Eating and Vegan Keto

Gia MacaroniComment
Binge Eating and Vegan Keto


Binge eating and how it led me to vegan keto

Inherently, binge eating is a psychological eating disorder by definition. It is behaviours which do not line up with a healthy relationship with food.


Eating Disorders Hope has a great description of BED

“Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is commonly known by compulsive overeating or consuming abnormal amounts of food while feeling unable to stop and a loss of control. Binge eating episodes are typically classified as occurring on average a minimum of twice per week for a duration of six months.

BED was first explained in 1959 by Albert Stunkard, a psychiatrist, and researcher, as Night Eating Syndrome (NES). The term Binge Eating Disorder was created to define similar binge eating behavior without the nocturnal aspect.

Though BED can occur in men and women of normal weight, it often leads to the development of unwanted weight gain or obesity, which can indirectly reinforce further compulsive eating.

Men and women suffering from BED struggle with emotions of disgust and guilt and often have a related co-morbidity, such as depression or anxiety.

The negative feelings that usually accompany binge eating often lead him or her to continue to use food to cope; thus creating a vicious cycle.”



Now, I have struggled with a lot of behaviours not conclusive to a good relationship with food and dieting. As a teen I struggled with telling people I was ‘allergic’ to some foods so I didn’t have to eat them, I was on the lose 1 stone in a week diet or various other diets and everytime I went on it I was told how good I looked and how it’s making a difference and to then be filled with disappointment everytime the scale didn’t show my hard work or if something didn’t fit me right was awful and I could never stick to these diets. Even someone saying one comment would make me think “nah, not doing this” and would proceed to eat thousands of calories.


The guilt you would feel over eating too much and the fuck it attitude is an unacceptable way to treat your body and your mind. This disordered eating got so bad, I had a thinspiration notebook, which I may share on a further youtube video I make about this topic filled with tumblr posts and awful negative self talk .


All I wanted to be was 5 7”, 130 lbs and a size 0. Now one of those things and probably all will never happen… aside from the fact I passed that height in middle school, I will never be a size 0 (4 in UK) it will never happen and I’m okay with that. Do I love my body, no but am I working on it, absolutely and I’ll continue to work on my mental health and eating patterns probably until the day I die but a small price to pay to be well.


Causes of my disordered eating, you could say my family and the way weight was always bought up, making me feel guilty whenever I was with them, not wanting their so called “help” not wanting their comments, their “I only want what’s best for you”, “I don’t want you to end up like me”. They won’t understand this kind of talk feeds my ED, they never will. These kinds of things trigger a binge. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a ‘you caused my eating disorder’ but when you add everything else up, the entire situation leads to this and led to disordered eating.




Other personal triggers:


Emotional trauma

Low calorie dieting


Vitamin deficiencies



Genetic links:


My father’s side of the family have all struggled with addiction of some sort whether it be drugs, alcohol or gambling. My own mum struggled with an eating disorder in her teens, taking laxatives etc. Does that genetic lottery lead to me? Maybe?  this article outlines


Micronutrient deficiency and ED: 


Casein as a trigger in BED:


some interesting studies around the association of binge eating and specifically casein protein.



Both papers show that casein does have some increased opioid activity. This can lead to people becoming addicted to cheese and where more tolerant people can withstand this, others like myself who struggle with portion control and binge tendencies can have these symptoms exacerbated.



What led me to vegan keto?


I was pretty much plant based for a while but it was junk food and lots of potatoes rice etc. And I would still binge on dairy chocolates, cheese and more potatoes. It wasn’t until I read about the keto diet and then vegan keto through site that I finally realised a diet for me.

I also struggle with HS or Hidradenditis Supparitiva which causes flare ups around my body and reducing inflammation has been a main recovery strategy of which low carb/keto can obtain for me. Vegan specifically cuts out triggers like excess protein, dairy and also ethically it’s better for me.

I’m not a licensed doctor or a nutritionist but I am a science graduate with nutrition and biochemistry and physiology modules so I have an understanding of the physical processes associated. Talk to your doctor before embarking on this vegan keto journey with me.