Quick Picnic Essentials - vegan & keto

Quick Picnic Essentials - vegan & keto

So it’s Picnic week this week! Thought I would share a post about what I would bring as i’m both vegan and keto.

Flaxseed crackers:

1 cup ground Flaxseed

1/2 cup water

whatever spices you like - I like to use garlic and cayenne

recipe here: https://meatfreeketo.com/vegan-keto-flax-crackers/ ( I always halve this as don’t like to make too many)

flax crackers pictured

flax crackers pictured

No egg mayo sandwiches

120g tofu (firm)

1 tbsp vegan mayo (I like hellmans)

salt and pepper to taste

I like to serve with either store bough low carb bread or use the crackers




I use just a vegan keto wrap and add my toppings and bake

10 minutesk, quick and easy dinner but also easy to pack for picnics


Vegan keto chocolate chip cookies are the way to go dessert wise.

Recipe is on this blog here: https://www.makeshiftmermaid.com/blog/chocolate-chip-cookies


Extras to add:

  • celery

  • cauliflower guacamole recipe here https://www.instagram.com/p/ByXdEntAh13/

  • a few carrots

  • skinny syrups mocktails over ice (feel free to spike with some rum or vodka for the adults)

  • olives, sundried tomatoes and artichokes - easy to pick up antipasti with toothpicks

Picnics aren’t the place to be fiddling with salads and bowls so I don’t want to add those to this list.

Hope you guys are having a picnic this week!